Industrial Automation

The Home automation trade has drawn goodish attention of researchers. We are happy to announce we are one among the best. The main attraction of any automated system is reducing human labor, effort, time and errors due to human negligence. With the development of modern technology, smart phones have become a necessity for every person on this planet. With the increase in consumption of energy and population, there is a grave need to conserve energy in every way possible.

Until fairly recently, automated central control of building-wide systems was found only in larger commercial buildings and expensive homes. Typically involving only lighting, heating and cooling systems, building automation rarely provided more than basic control, monitoring and scheduling functions and was accessible only from specific control points within the building itself. With the advent of ‘Internet of Things’ in the last decade, we have been pushing for ubiquitous computing in all spheres of life. It thus is of extreme importance to simplify human interfacing with technology. Automation is one such area that aims that achieves simplicity whilst increasing efficiency. Voice controlled House Automation System aims to further the cause of automation to achieve the goal of simplicity. Where home automation becomes truly "smart" is in the Internet-enabled devices that attach to this network and control it.

The classic control unit is the home computer, for which many of the earlier home automation systems were designed. Today's home automation systems are more likely to distribute programming and monitoring control between a dedicated device in the home, like the control panel of a security system, and a user-friendly app interface that can be accessed via an Internet-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet.