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Automation in general simplfies your or company's day to day routines!

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Home Automation

Home Automation brings life to your residence!

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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation increases productivity and the quality of products!

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Deliver your clients a smart home

Research & Development

Embiot Research and Development believes in technology for making our life easy in all aspects of life. It is our oppurtunity to give such a solution in Home Automation industry.

We aim for technology to reach every home according to your budget, reliability, accessing and so on.

The mobile application we provide will be unieuw that it meets ease of access, security & continuos updates as per your requirements.

Upgradation in the sense, any modifications or adopting new devices in your home can also be added to your existing mobile application.

We can even provide seperate solutions of your home automation like borewell controlling, water tank pump fillup with timing , security camera accessing, door monitoring, intruder detection or any kinds safety & security measures.


Embiot Technologies

#3/4-3, "ISIRI, 6th Cross, Govindaraja Nagar Ward, Amarajyothi Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040


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